Player (2012-present), Oakville Improv Theatre Company

Improviser (2015), Out Of Line, Bad Dog Theatre


Wisdom and Song (1994), Shishiru, MIT Dramashop

The Winter’s Tale (1995), Florizel, MIT Dramashop

A Walk in the Dust (1995), Seaman, MIT Dramashop

Six Pictures (1995), Soldier/Milan, MIT Dramashop

Five Fake Dreams in Six Short Scenes (1996), Angelic Bureaucrat, MIT Dramashop

Much Ado About Nothing (1997), Conrad, MIT Dramashop

Zastrozzi (1997), Verezzi, Workshop Production

Coriolanus (1997), Menenius, MIT Faculty Production

The Illusion (1998), Pridamant, MIT Dramashop

Picasso at the Lapin Agile (1999), Visitor, Bard Hall Players

It’s Crazy Sometimes (2008), Narrator, Various


Zastrozzi (1997), MIT Workshop Production

Edgewordwise (1997), MIT Dramashop One-Acts

The Cherry Orchard (1999), Bard Hall Players, Columbia University

Twelfth Night (2000), Bard Hall Players, Columbia University


Costume Designer (1996), MIT Dramashop One-Acts

Producer (1997), MIT Dramashop One-Acts

Co-Producer (1998), Grand Hotel

Co-Producer (1998), The Illusion


Introduction to Acting, Michael Ouellette

Voice and Speech for the Actor, Shakespeare & Co. faculty

The Actor and the Text, Michael Ouellette

The Actor and the Text, Tina Packer, Dennis Krausnick

Script Analysis, Michael Ouellette

Introduction to Stagecraft, MIT faculty

Production Seminar, Tommy DeFrantz

Playwriting I, Laura Harrington

Playwrights’ Workshop, Alan Brody

The Director’s Craft, Janet Sonenberg

S.B., Humanities with a Major Departure in Theater Arts, MIT 1998

Scene Study, Michael Howard Studio, Naomi Thornton

Improv 101, Upright Citizens Brigade, Shannon O’Neill

Improv 201, Upright Citizens Brigade, Kevin Hines

Improv 301, Upright Citizens Brigade, Amber Petty

Short Form Improv, Oakville Improv, Lisa Merchant

Short Form Improv, Oakville Improv, Herbie Barnes

Ensemble Studio 1, Bad Dog Theatre, Jess Bryson

Ensemble Studio 2, Bad Dog Theatre, Evany Rosen

Ensemble Studio 3, Bad Dog Theatre, Sean Tabares

Ensemble Studio 4, Bad Dog Theatre, Kyle Dooley

Improvised Shakespeare, Second City Toronto, Blank Verse

Certificate, Television Writing, UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, 2013

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